Compassion Art Project

Compassion Art

Compassion Art

Do you know about the Compassion Art project happening on Facebook?  It’s an idea to bring compassion, kindness and love for one another back to the forefront of our daily lives.  Everyday we hear about turmoil and unrest, hate and anger, destruction and violence, but what about compassion and kindness?  Why do we hear less and less about the simple, loving, and kind acts performed by members of our own communities?  We know compassion still exists, but it seems to be slowly disappearing.  We can keep that from happening.

Join us in celebrating what makes humanity great.  Create and share your own pieces that represent compassion to you.  All pieces submitted must remain within a PG-rating, so there is no nudity or profanity allowed.  You will NOT be compensated in any way for your submissions.  These are pieces voluntarily shared in an attempt to spread some goodness around to our neighbors, friends, and each other.  This page is not about promoting your websites, photography or poetry blogs, or any items for sale.  It is about promoting compassion and only for artistic submissions which fit within the guidelines.

Every form of art is accepted; photography, poetry, short stories, drawings, paintings, music.  If you can create it, you can submit it.  So please, come join us and invite your friends to participate.  You don’t need to be a professional artist to participate.  You just need to believe in what we’re trying to accomplish.  Amateurs and professionals of all ages are welcome to participate.

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