Beholder’s Eye

As I work on putting this page together and uploading my photos and artwork, I realize that I have many more photographs loaded than pictures of my own creations.  It made me wonder why that is, and I believe it is because with my camera I capture the beauty created by nature, by architects, by designers, by the hand of someone other than myself, and therefore my eye is more open to see the overall beauty of the subject.  I’m not analyzing each line, each curve, each shadow.  I’m not judging the proportions of the piece or the accuracy of color.  I can appreciate a flower that isn’t perfect, a building that is decaying, another artist’s piece of work exactly as they are.

However, when I look at what I have created with my own hands, I am much more critical.  I am never completely happy with something I’ve drawn or painted because I always see things that I would change or fix.  I scrutinize every line of my pencil and stroke of my brush.  When I am working on a piece, it takes me a long time before I am happy enough with it to say “I’m done” and walk away from it.

Am I a perfectionist?  Yes.  Is that a bad thing?  I don’t think so.  It means I will always strive to produce my best work.  Do I constantly compare my work to others?  Yes.  Should I?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  To some extent I think it’s healthy and natural to do so.  Sometimes, I see a piece that is so amazingly beautiful it makes me want to pack up my tools and just cry.  But in the end, their work inspires me to do better, to try harder, to never give up.

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